How to be a Good Parent to a Toddler

Do you have a toddler? Children of that age can be exhausting, but they are also so much fun. Keep reading to learn more about parenting a toddler.

Your toddler is old enough to understand rules and limitations. Besides, you will have to establish strict boundaries for the security of your toddler. Your child is at an age where he or she wants to explore and touch everything, which could become dangerous if some things are not off limit. The best way to set rules for your toddler is to say no in a firm voice when your child approaches a dangerous object or does something they are not supposed to. You should, of course, supervise your toddler constantly and make sure your nanny or babysitter implements the same rules if you cannot take care of your child throughout the whole day.

Your toddler might be at a stage where your authority is not recognized yet. This means your toddler will keep testing the boundaries you establish and even try manipulating you, for instance by faking crying. It is important to adopt a strict attitude and make your toddler understand you are in charge. If you give up now, you will have to deal with discipline problems during the years to come. Talk with your partner about parenting, and make sure you both adopt a strict attitude toward your toddler testing boundaries. Remember that this is just a phase; if you successfully establish your authority, parenting will not be as exhausting.

Your toddler needs to be stimulated to develop more advanced brain functions. You should buy some new toys that are more challenging than toys designed for babies. Get some puzzles, large building blocks and other educational toys adapted for the age of your child. Do your best to introduce new toys regularly to keep your child interested. Your child will probably develop an interest for TV too; make sure your toddler watches fun educational programs adapted to their age instead of programs they will not be able to follow. Do not let your toddler watch TV for more than fifteen minutes a day.

Talk to your toddler as much as possible. Your child is at an important stage where they will expand their vocabulary in an impressive way and start organizing words and concepts into sentences. Acknowledge your child’s attempts to talk, even if he or she is just making sounds. Associate talking with the games you usually play with your toddler, for instance by describing the actions you and your child are performing. Repeat the same words and sentences to make sure your toddler remembers them. Do not put too much pressure on your child; remember that each child is unique and yours will develop more advanced language skills when the time comes.

Parenting a toddler can be frustrating and stressful but someday you will look back and remember how much fun you had with your young child. Use these tips to make your parenting experience more enjoyable and to develop a strong connection with your child